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Drop In

Drop In Screen Guard – Premium Mill Finish Aluminum Screen

Why Gutter Solutions & Waterproofing would NOT recommend installing Drop In Screen Guard on your home gutter system.

Screen Guard is used on gutters to prevent the build up of debris in the gutter system. The Drop In Screen Guard was often used because it was easy to install and cheap. Gutter Solutions & Water Proofing no longer uses the Drop In Screen Guard because it causes more problems than it solves.

Drop In Screen GuardThe first problem is caused because the screen guard is installed by sliding it under the shingles of the roof and over the drip metal. Sometimes it is even installed between the shingle layers. Either way, it will void any warranties on the roof. Because the screen guard is installed under the shingles, it will eventually cause the shingles to lift up at the edges of the roof line. Debris is caught at the edges of where the roof line meets with the screen guard. This debris can build up and cause the shingles bow, shift and crack.

Because this screen guard will cause the shingles to lift up at the ends, water can now get under the  shingles and begin causing damage to the decking (the wood under the roof edge). Drop In Screen Guard is one of the main reasons that roof decking needs to be replaced in houses.

Another problem with the Drop In Screen Guard, is that its grid pattern is parallel to the flow of water. Instead of the grid pattern running perpendicular to the flow of water, which will aid in halting the flow of water so that it drops into the gutter, the grid pattern is running parallel to the flow of water which makes it easier (in heavy downpours) for the water to flow off the edge off of the gutter instead of dumping in to the gutter.

Because the Drop In Screen Guard simply slides under the roof shingles, there isn’t enough clearance for the screen guard to hold its position. Eventually the screen guard (either because of slight damage, debris load, or time) will simply fall into the gutter becoming completely useless and clogging the gutters even more.

Drop In Screen Guard gutter cover


The entry-level mill-finish aluminum has a solid aluminum front edge that is micro-crimped for a strong product that will not come apart. It works well in light debris loads.


・    Light debris load with medium-sized holes
・    Screws into gutter front, slides under first row of shingles
・    Mill-finish aluminum


Drop In comes in 4 foot lengths and 5” or 6” widths.

Drop In Gutter Shield – Installation

Drop In Gutter Shield – Demonstration

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