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Step Down

Step Down – Premium Powder-Coated Steel Screen



・    E-Z Step Down gutter cover demonstrationMedium to Heavy Debris Loads with Small-Sized Holes
・    Stepped-down Front for Strength, Angle in the Back with Spring-Tension Action for Installation without Disturbing the Shingles
・    Powder-Coated Steel
・    For Use with Hidden Hangers
・    Small-hole Design Keeps 99% of the Debris Out of the Gutter
・    Available in 5”, 6” Widths


This design works for every gutter installation, with spring tension that holds it in place, while closing the void under the shingles so debris can’t collect there. It is one of the few guard systems available today that snaps in and out for easy cleaning. The steel is 0.28 gauge – to stand tough under a full load of wet leaves without collapsing – and installs with a slope toward the front to help debris slide off.

close up view of E-Z Step Down gutter coverDesigned with three 90 degree “steps” at the front for greater strength, and to snap into gutter hem – helping to force water to track into the gutter, and to reduce the effects of water-streaks and tiger-striping across the gutter.


Step Down comes in 4 foot lengths and 5” or 6” widths.

Step Down – Premium Powder-Coated Steel Screen

E-Z Step Down gutter cover installedOne of the features of the Step Down screen guard is the small holes. These small holes keep out most of the debris though it will still require cleaning once in awhile. The size of the holes will keep leaves and pine needles out of the gutter but may still allow shingle grit to fall into the gutter.

Another feature of the Step Down is that the grid pattern runs perpendicular to the flow of water. This grid pattern aids in halting the flow of water and allowing it to drop in to the gutter instead of potentially sheeting off of the screen guard.

The step down feature of the Step Down in which the guard snaps down into the gutter hem, forces the water to track into the gutter, instead of dripping over the edge of the gutter. This feature reduces the effect of water-streaks and tiger-striping across the front face of the gutter.

Because the Step Down step down feature in which it makes the gutter a single unit, it will not disturb the shingles. Screen guards that disturb the shingles in any way, will void any roof warranties and may eventually cause the wood to rot from water exposure.

Step Down – Premium Powder-Coated Steel Screen

This is how Gutter Solutions technicians install Step Down gutter covers:

Step 1: For the Step Down, the gutter hangers need to be spaced evenly every 2 feet (24 inches). This spacing allows the Step Down to sit on the hangers, with a hanger at each end and one in the middle. Because of these spacings, the Step Down will sit sturdily in the gutter without fear of falling in. Add the needed gutter hangers, do not remove the old gutter hangers.

Step 2: Snap the Step Down in the gutter, the Step Down will sit on the gutter hangers. Ensure that each of the ends and the middle of the screen guard rests upon the gutter hangers.

Step Down Gutter Shield – Installation

Step Down Gutter Shield – Demonstration

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