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Rhino Guard

Gutter Solutions recommends and installs Rhino Gutter Guards gutter covers for clients in their Northern Florida and Southern Georgia service area, for the following reasons:

  • Rhino Gutter Guard - logoVery light weight, they will not weigh down and pull down your gutters.
  • Very strong, the Rhino Gutter Guards will strengthen your gutters like a box.
  • The Rhino Gutter Guard can take up to 4.5 gallons of rain per minute.
  • The Rhino Gutter Guard keeps the support substrate in contact with mesh to draw the moisture down which is very important.
  • The screen on the Rhino Gutter Guard will not come loose like other gutter covers have had problems with.
  • Affordable and made in the USA.
  • Screen holes are small enough to stop roof granules and yet  has a 57% open area so that gutters can dry out more easily and not hold moisture.
  • The Rhino Gutter Guard is backed by a manufacturers’ 20 year money back guarantee.

Rhino Gutter Guard - Made in the USAThe micro-mesh products offered are defined by the patent pending process of “hemming” the mesh around the substrate BEFORE roll forming the shape. This process allows Rhino Guard to be the ONLY manufacturer that can claim that their mesh is in constant contact with the substrate due to the lateral tension achieved, further augmenting water dissipation qualities.

A lot of roofs still need the roof blown off regularly and possibly the top of the guard so debris doesn’t accumulate and water doesn’t go over the top of the guard, or decompose on the guard, though most of the time it just blows off the top of the guard with wind as long as it isn’t building up from the roof. You can also use a deck brush screwed in upside down on a pole to easily brush off the top of guards especially in valleys where debris can build up without needing to go on a ladder.

Rhino Guard Best Screen Guard gutter cover

Rhino Guard BestSpecifications:

・    Strong and Durable
・    Self-Shedding Capability
・    Low Profile
・    No Roof/Shingle Contact
・    Stops All Debris (even shingle granules)
・    Clog Free Guarantee
・    Stainless Steel Micro-Mesh
・    Mesh Hemmed to Substrate
・    Fascia Protection Shield
・    Embossed Rhino Skin
・    Strengthens Gutters


RHINO BEST is a stainless steel micro-mesh over expanded aluminum product that yields the optimum micron size (440) to prevent all debris from entering the gutter system. This product utilizes a .024” aluminum body and lip that is mechanically fastened over the mesh laminate, creating an exponentially stronger product, in both compression and tension. The embossed texture feature deters debris from “sticking” to the product by minimizing surface contact area, thus augmenting the debris shedding.

The front leg of the product screws to the front lip of the gutter and the back upward bend (fascia shield) allows it to be screwed directly to the fascia, creating a slight forward slope. This installation creates unprecedented “box girder” strength, making the gutter assembly, which is inherently weak by nature, a completely closed member. The micro-mesh technology ensures that leaves, twigs, pine needles, oak tassels, shingle grit and other small debris will never breach the system to migrate into the gutters. The mesh is strategically sized to allow passage of pollen and dust so it is washed through during rainfall. It may be necessary from time to time to clean or remove stubborn debris (inorganic & organic) from the mesh surface to maintain the proper performance.

No roof or shingle contact is required. Because of the RHINO BEST step down feature in which it makes the gutter a single unit, it will not disturb the shingles. Screen guards that disturb the shingles in any way, will void any roof warranties and may eventually cause the wood to rot from water exposure.

With Gutter Solutions & Waterproofing maintenance plans, you can be assured that debris will not build up on your roof compromising the condition of the roof or the condition of the gutters and your roof and gutters will be inspected each time for any problem areas or damage.

Rhino Guard Best Gutter Shield – Installation

Rhino Guard Best Gutter Shield – Demonstration

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