Avoid Soil Erosion Damage

If water pools against your foundation it’s only a matter of time before it finds its way into the house.

Grade below downspout - away from your home.Ground erosion can undermine a home’s foundation and cause structural damage, undermine walks and driveways, and create safety hazards. To avoid issues such as erosion and flooding around the base of your home and in your flower beds, place splash blocks at the base of your downspouts to direct water away from the home and flood areas.

If there is still an issue you may need to re-grade around the area at the base of your downspouts.

  • To do this remove any mulch before digging.
  • A small area should only need a vertical drop of about half an inch per foot.
  • Once you’ve moved enough of the soil tamp it down well to make sure it stays in place.
  • Then you can add back the covering mulch.

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