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It’s our job to keep unwanted water where it belongs: outside. There’s no reason to worry about impending water damage inside your home. Contact us to waterproof below the soil, and avoid seepage into concrete, tile, and mortar.

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Gutter Solutions and Waterproofing® offers Engineered Chemgrout®.

Engineered Chemgrout® is composed of a mineral made up of microscopic platelets with laminated crystalline structures. Upon hydration, this specialized grout can expand from 10-15 times its original dry volume. The absorbed water is held in place by small electrical charges on the surface of the platelets. Once the surface area of the platelets is saturated, any further water is expelled, making this product an excellent water barrier.

Why use Engineered Chemgrout®:

  • As a remedial injection grout, the process requires no excavating
  • Remains pliable and will not rupture with concrete cracking due to ground settling
  • It is not effected by freeze-thaw cycling
  • No exothermal reaction that can degrade the material, making it suitable for large-voids
  • Consists primarily of an inert natural mineral, and contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Sets as a thick membrane with good cohesive gel strength to hold the material in place
  • Can maintain a residual swell-potential for self-sealing properties

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